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Don't Let Deadline Stress Get You Down!

Approaching Deadline!"Crunch-time" at work can be the cause of deadline stress. An overwhelming workload and a very limited amount of time in which to complete the job can lead to feelings of anxiety and tension. Visit our Workplace Stress page for more details and eye-opening statistics on the negative effects of stress in the workplace.

Workplace Wellness Massage offers help by providing on site chair massage. A quick neck and shoulder massage may be all you need to clear your head and get back on track. When time is of the essence, we provide fast and convenient stress relief by coming right to your workplace (office, school, bank, advertising agency, call center, trading floor, newspaper/magazine etc.).

Chair Massage for Stress ReliefStudies have shown that chair massage:

  • relieves fatigue
  • decreases anxiety
  • improves problem solving and creativity

Many professions experience periods when time is at a premium. Job stress and anxiety can build up very quickly when working under time pressure.

For example:


Stressed Lawyers According to an article in the 'Lectric Law Library' one of the leading complaints of lawyers is that long hours are required, frequently spent in an urgent state of activity. Symptoms of stress become inevitable due to packed schedules, pressured production and ruthless deadlines.


Stressed reports that often, teachers are exhausted from lack of sleep and overwork due to high stakes exams, demanding administrators, and challenging students. In addition, teachers have to deal with the seasonal pressure of getting report cards ready before the deadline. Dr. Margaret Kemeny, professor in psychiatry at the University of California notes, "Teachers want to keep giving until they reach 'compassion exhaustion'".

Bankers and Brokers

Financial DeadlinesWhether it's Bankers, Brokers/Traders or Accountants, their professional decisions have financial consequences. For a broker or trader the stress of deadlines is a daily occurrence. Bankers and Accountants face the deadlines of RRSP season and tax preparation.

Stay alert and focused, even with a looming deadline. Contact us for an appointment and let us help you get through your hectic work schedule.


75% to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints.

Up to 80% of on-the-job accidents are stress related.

40% of job turnover is due to stress.

- American Institute of Stress

Employees who must take time off work because of stress, anxiety, or a related disorder will be off the job for about 20 days.

- Bureau of Labour Statistics


A study conducted by the International Journal of Neuroscience showed that 15 minute chair massage sessions, provided twice per week over a period of five weeks resulted in:

Increased relaxation, alertness, and speed and accuracy on math computations.

Lower levels of anxiety, depression and job stress.

A Perceptual and Motor Skills study resulted in significant reduction in participants' systolic and diastolic blood pressure after receiving on-site chair massage

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