Workplace Wellness Massage

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16-20 -- High Stress:
High stress levels are harmful both physically and psychologically, so it's important for you to take steps to reduce your workplace tension. It may be wise to seek professional assistance, especially if you feel your health is affected.

11-15 -- Moderate-to-High Stress:
You're experiencing significant stress levels, and life at work can sometimes be miserable. Talk to your employer to see if any adjustments can be made in your job or work/life balance that can ease the strain. If that's not possible, you may benefit from counseling.

6-10 -- Low-to-Moderate Stress:
The stress is beginning to catch up with you, but there is still hope. Try relieving some of your tension with relaxation techniques, talking to friends and family or just taking some time to yourself each day. Little steps can make a big impact on your stress levels.

0-5 --Low Stress:
No work environment is entirely stree-free, but you appear to be managing your tension well. Still, be sure to take time for yourself to avoid burnout.

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An easy, effortless and cost-effective way to decrease symptoms of job stress is a chair massage workplace wellness program. Please contact us for more information.

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